Antalis launches roll storage unit and carbonless paper range

Antalis has launched a new compact portable roll storage product designed to make it easier to handle and transport rolls of large-format media.
The Stock & Roll, which is commercially available immediately, can hold up to six rolls of up to 2m wide – accommodating both 2in and 3in cores, while taking up minimal floor space with its 600mm diameter.
The option of extra roll splitters allows more rolls to be added, which enables users to double or triple their storage capacity.
The device features a patented roll blocking system, which Antalis said ensures fluent mobility on all kinds of floor while its ergonomic, sturdy design is said to make it easy to transport up to six heavy rolls securely and then load and unload them easily.

Sun Chemical partners with KBA-MetalPrint

Sun Chemical has announced its partnership with KBA-MetalPrint to deliver printing inks for metal decorating.
Working closely with KBA-MetalPrint, Sun Chemical will soon be providing its UV ink series DAICURE 5LM, the conventional ink series SunTrio DAIMETAL and the  flexible SunTrio TOBA series with the MetalStar 3 and Mailänder 280 metal decorating press starter kits, depending on the individual needs of the customer.
Iñaki Llona, global champion Metal Deco Inks, Sun Chemical, commented

Aslan unveils Print’nGo

Aslan, the German manufacturer of self-adhesive films for special applications, is complementing its floor graphics range with an additional slip-resistant, directly printable film. Print’nGo Aslan DFP 33 does not require any additional protective laminate after printing, whilst providing the rough surface characteristics needed for non-slip category R9 classification.
The 125 µm thick matt white film provides a safe floor graphics solution for short-term interior designs on smooth floors

MeadCo launches new software - ScriptX

UK based company MeadCo has launched ScriptX software for the printing and packaging industry.
According to MeadCo, ScriptX enables HTML pages, PDFs, labels, barcodes, wristbands, badges and more - basically any browser-hosted content - to be printed in a consistent format, from every networked Microsoft Windows computer.
Jerry Mead, CEO of MeadCo - the creators of ScriptX - said: "From individual barcodes and labels to large-run printing jobs, the printing and packaging sector needs