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Epson unveils SureColor F9370 Inkjet printer

Epson unveils a new 64-inch F9370 which features industrial-level production with speeds up to 1,169 square feet per hour, and an integrated new fabric-wiping system coupled with highly accurate roll-to-roll media support to handle economical, lightweight transfer papers. The SureColor F9370 replaces the SureColor F9200 to join Epson’s complete line of SureColor F-Series Printers – including the SureColor F6200 and SureColor F7200.
“The dye-sublimation printing industry is rapidly expanding into new verticals and Epson is dedicated to being at the forefront of our client’s production needs,” said Tim Check, product manager of Professional Imaging at Epson America. “When developing the SureColor F9370, our engineers aimed to increase

New Morgana PUR binder now ready for larger-scale jobs

Morgana has launched a larger-format version of its DigiBook 300 PUR binder capable of handling A3 landscape books.
The DigiBook 300XLPro binder has an increased input cover size of 450x1,000mm, compared with the 350x700mm maximum format of its predecessor. It can now produce landscape A3 jobs, a feature previously unavailable in the DigiBook 300 binder.
According to Ray Hillhouse, Morgana’s vice-president for offline business, the new single-phase machine can be installed in most commercial

Perfect Colours rental initiative

Perfect Colours is set to offer clients an alternative to buying or leasing their print equipment with a straightforward rental initiative. The difference between the new rental package and the company’s traditional leasing offer is that customers can simply rent a new printer for a fixed monthly fee without the option to buy the equipment at the end of the 3-year lease.
Perfect Colours’ sales director Jon Telling explains the advantages: “This new rental agreement means that clients are able to

Kodak expands synthetic, board substrates for Nexpress presses

Kodak has announced that it has expanded the types of paperboard and synthetic substrates that its Nexpress Presses can run on.
According to a statement from Kodak, the Substrate Expansion kit will now equip Nexpresseses to handle paperboard substrates with weightings graded up to 24 points/610 microns. For synthetic substrates, the Expansion Kit will give printers the option to print on materials with weightings up to 14 mil. These thicker substrates are suitable for printers, including