Sun Chemical releases 5th edition of Designing Packaging guide

Sun Chemical has launched the fifth edition of Designing Packaging with Certainty, its best practice guide to printing food and sensitive goods packaging with conventional offset and UV/EB curing inks and coatings.
The 32 page guide, which is updated every three years, reflects the changing packaging market and legislation to support the development workflow in the production of safe packaging for food and other sensitive applications, such as tobacco and pharmaceuticals. The fifth edition of the  guide represents a summary of the key challenges faced by the packaging development supply chain based on Sun Chemical’s expertise within the packaging markets. Reflecting advancements in the market over the last three years, the 2017 edition has

FLEXcon expands its THERMLfilm HT product line

Coated and laminated films manufacturer FLEXcon has expanded its THERMLfilm HT product line with the introduction of four new high-temperature polyimide constructions.
The new THERMLfilm HT 9000 Series products have been tested and approved for leaded and lead-free reflow in the wave solder environment.
FLEXcon product identification business team market development specialist Ron Ducharme said: “Manufacturers understand that printability, chemical and heat resistance are the most critical

MGI unveils digital ‘all-in-one’ roll-to-roll label printer

MGI Digital Technology has unveiled its new roll-to-roll digital combination label press which integrates high-definition four-colour dry toner printing and embellishment.
The French digital printing and finishing equipment manufacturer claims the Jetvarnish 3D Web Color+ is the first roll-to-roll digital press on the label market to offer a complete inline system without any makeready or tools.
“Tools and dies are very expensive so the cost is reduced without the need for these,” said MGI

Kesko launches recyclable wood fibre-based EcoFishBox

Kesko has launched its new wood fibre-based EcoFishBox in a bid to reduce the use of plastics in its store. The new corrugated fish box produced by packaging company Stora Enso will be used to replace expanded polystyrene (EPS) containers.
EcoFishBox was developed in Finland in collaboration with grocery stores and the fishing industry.
In the last year, several Kesko stores have successfully tested the new wood fibre-based boxes.
Kesko grocery trade sustainability manager Timo Jäske said