While on one hand new distributor appointments show the returning confidence in the region, too many brands in its basket could have a flip side for distributors.

Trying to service different brands could stretch the distributor on all sides, conflict of interests could leave the manufacturer dissatisfied and too many options of similar machines could lead to unhealthy competition with parties taking action that hurt themselves in order to hurt the other party. Distribution channels should not escalate to destructive levels. There is often a realistic fear that multiple brand options can either work for or against the company, and sometimes it makes fiscal sense to concentrate resources on core brands.

As the economy has started showing signs of recovery, it is in the interest of the printing industry as a whole, to have sick or under performing units be taken over by the financially stable organisations. Poor financial health can bring with it a host of problems including taking orders at very low prices, payment defaults, increasing interest burden, unpaid salaries etc., causing a ripple effect. It is better to absorb such gangrenous units into the more healthy and professionally managed firms, ridding the industry of potential rot. There have been examples of sick units being turned over into profit centres. In such a case it would be win-win situation.