Education and learning are a never ending process. Printers looking at learning new ways of updating and upgrading are able to optimise the use of their resources improve productivity and thereby, profits.

To this extent, manufacturers organising training sessions and programmes are helping the industry in more ways than one.

Post summer, Heidelberg, Canon and Konica Minolta among others, have been in the forefront in hosting seminars, workshops and road shows, reporting a healthy participation.

The printers we interviewed expressed an opinion, that while in developed markets there was a lot of scope to interact within industry segments, the Middle East region fell a little short in providing the industry with opportunities to continuously train and upgrade. Interactive seminars that value adds to knowledge were therefore welcomed by the print fraternity.

Printing and Publishing Group has announced the annual awards to be held on 8th February 2012, with printers invited to send in their entries for the competition. This year the group has added one more category for the competition and included a new member from the region into the judges panel.

This issue we have carried an in-depth report on press trends and media consumption patterns across the globe by WAN IFRA. Happy reading.