Cyclical changes in any business or industry means an economic upswing followed by a plateau and then the eventual downward movement, and thankfully vice versa. Good times commonly alternate with bad times. So also with the printing industry, which is in the throes of change.

Giant manufacturers like Heidelberg and Goss have their CEO's stepping down; an insolvent Manroland broken up into 2 companies; filing of insolvency protection and Chapter 11 by pioneering organisations; trade fairs with chief exhibitors withdrawing participation; job and pay cuts; mills closing down; workforce trimmed, reduced investments in machinery and manpower, so on and so forth. Closer home, at least two printers have reported senior employees absconding, taking with them sizeable amounts of company funds.

Print Industry has seen it all.

The resilience of any industry can be proved by how it is able to tide over the bad times. Print, one can safely say, is one such. Print shops are opening new revenue streams, branching out into complementary businesses, pushing geographical boundaries et al. So, rather than print withering away, it is more likely to metamorphosize into a new, more sustainable 'avatar'. The need of the hour is perseverance.