Headlines announcing “Packaging printing is growing; printers are investing in machinery and manpower; Packaging shows the way” are encouraging good signs that serve to balance the negative effects and perceptions from dropping numbers of print runs, rising prices of paper, closing mills etc.
However, the need of the hour is additional investment and more stringent regulations for increasing efficiency and accuracy of packaging, since the segment is closely linked to health and safety of users.  A casual approach to these factors could bring in undesirable repercussions.
The approaching summer and the Holy Month of Ramadan brings with it a seasonal slowdown in order bookings.  At the same time, the spare hours can be productively used to strategise, review and reinvent policies jaded over years of following traditional methods of selling print.
This issue of PrintWeek MEA features regional installations, interesting technology updates and our profile story traces the success story of a printing industry specialist.  Our Product Portfolio studies the efficacy of the book binding machine from Smyth and our Better business feature explores the journey of cross-media.
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