Mass communication these days is not merely restricted to presenting facts and giving information.  Newspapers and advertising industries have moved a step forward and are using technology to effectively engage the audience in a positive way.
A new application - Augumented Reality - is being used by many newpapers in different countries.  The app aims to enhance advertising revenues and editorial experience of readers by complementing interactive media with static content.
A progressive print house, Raidy Printing Group,  has adopted augumented reality to add value to their offerings.  The creative director of this Lebanon based company opined that the  technology (augumented reality) allows companies and brands to make their printed jobs clickable, by adding videos to their printed pages, or an e-mail contact tab, or even a call to action phone button.  The application, according her, can be used, adapted and customized to any printed product, from a business card to a high end art book, magazine, brochure or catalogue.
Such futuristic and unconventional thinking that goes beyond prevailing norms can  jolt a comatose industry and give it a much needed boost.