Investments, expansion, new technology, recruitment,  entering diverse market segments seems to be the norm these days rather that exception.  A new optimism seems to  be pervading the printing industry and most dynamic printers are racing for their slice of the cake.

Many manufacturers of printing equipments and consumables  too, are looking at the needs and requirements of the Middle East, as a potential money spinner for their lagging fortunes.  They are hopeful that demand from this region will spur a vertical growth path, spurring demand and turnover.

The downswing of an increased movement and optimism in the markets is higher turnover of trained staff.  Heightened activity brings larger number of orders to be executed in a shorter time span, increasing dependence on skilled staff.  If managing human resources is becoming ‘challenging’, a fact echoed by many veteran printers, then  executing orders to satisfaction and on the deadline, will definitely prove to be an uphill task.  

Retaining trained and experienced employees will require extra efforts on the part of the management.  Incentives for improved performance, better communication between the employer and employee, fostering cordial relations among employees, creating opportunities for growth in their careers are some steps that go a long way in creating and maintaining a good workplace atmosphere and reducing employee turnover.