From the visitor turnout, exhibitor numbers, new technology and machinery launched in the market, Fespa Digital 2014 proved that print is as vibrant now as it was a few years ago.  A host of manufacturers introduced new printers adapted to perform on varied and complex media, new inks with improved functions, and new technology that unveiled future trends.  With visitors from 120 countries flocking the show, exhibitors expressed satisfaction with the expo and organizers, with eyes now focusing on the inaugural Fespa Africa in Johannesburg next month and the screen-textile-digital show next year in Cologne.
The IDC (International Data Corporation) report discloses an “increasing competition from “parallel (or gray) imports” which are “sourced into the MEA region through unofficial channels”.  These consumables are original products that are sourced into the region through unofficial channels. Demand for such products is generally strong as they are cheaper than the same consumables sold through official distribution channels, and IDC believes that the challenge presented by such imports will only intensify as the market continues to grow.
Our Better Business feature in this issue focuses on the significance of regular maintenance of equipment and machinery.  In the current hectic and economically challenging times, due to production pressures and cost of down-time, maintenance is often viewed as an unnecessary expense, but the fallout can lead to a variety of problems, including costly breakdowns.