It’s becoming fashionable these days to talk about ‘green printing’ or following ‘environment friendly practices’.  However, in private most printers agree that ‘green printing’ is an expensive option, and in these tough and competitive times, price is the most important factor while vying for orders.  And hence, while everyone acknowledges that we must ‘certainly’ adopt the best environment-friendly printing standards and reduce the impact on our surroundings wherever practically possible, (the catch here is practically possible), not many are known to take hard decisions and walk the talk.
Many climate change experts and ‘sustainable living’ gurus have offered options and quick fixes to make the switch.  The latest comes from the 2104 Environment Report, which says that even small changes can make a big difference.  Reducing waste for example, can be a step in the right direction for an efficient environment policy.  Judicious use of paper, energy, consumables, space or even time can boost the bottomline, while helping the environment.  Reducing and recycling waste can save precious pennies and helps offset the increased expense from buying environment friendly consumables, helping printers manage finances better.  A sensible balance of frugality and necessary expenditure will serve to maintain a healthy bottomline while staying ahead of the game, through wise investments in technology and consumables.

Shilpa Jasani is the editor of PrintWeek MEA magazine.