The dreaded price hikes in the most important components of print - ink and paper - are causing many a sleepless nights. Added to that increased competition, over capacity in a satiated market, higher cost of human resources and a plateauing market are another set of challenges, nay roadblocks, that printers are facing.

While manufacturers of consumables are defending their decision to increase prices due to price hikes in raw materials including resins, solvents, intermediates and pigments, tighter environmental regulations in India and China among other reasons; printers are now left to make the difficult decision of absorbing the price rise in their bottom line or passing them on to their customers.  Juggling is an important skill to acquire in  these dynamic times.

Closer home, organisers of SGI (Sign & Graphics Imaging show) have announced the launch of their Conference and Awards. Though the SGI Awards were hosted in January 2011; the conference (its networking event) would be its first.

The must-read features in this issue are  our technology report on the immense possibilities of digital printing, while our star product explores the possibilities of Esko’s design and production software for packaging, labels and large-format display printing; and the B2-plus format digital spot varnishing machine from Komfi.  




Shilpa Jasani is the editor of PrintWeek

MEA magazine.