With print having received a rejuvenation injection through the declaration of Expo 2020, the question that arises now is - Is it viable to establish a new printing business in the current financial environment?  How long would it be before new printing houses can reach the black and start getting fair returns on their investment?

Pundits would have us believe that due to the rising costs of warehouse rent, manpower recruitment and training, increased prices of consumables and machinery, it would not make good business sense to a start-up company, unless the pockets are very deep.

Assuming, one is passionate about print and is willing to take a calculated risk, the next road block he will face will be from the shrinking size of the cake. Reduced print runs, increased presence of online and the internet contributes to sending another shiver down one’s spine.  It would be judicious to draw up a complete project report, and study the regional parameters, before venturing into such a capital intensive assignment.

Our  Better Business feature this edition  explores the traditional versus modern approach to advertising, while the Technology Report features colour management through ISO 15339 standard especially in the context of brand owners’ requirements for packaging their goods.


Shilpa Jasani is the editor of PrintWeek

MEA magazine.