Just as King Arthur said, the ‘old order changeth, giving place to new’; here we are entering 2015, with fresh hopes, with greater ambitions to scale new heights, new resolutions and new ideas to do things in a better, more novel way. The first half of the year is usually full of new hopes, while in the latter half people start sobering up and evaluating the bygone months and coming to terms with reality.

Going lean is one strategy one can never go wrong with - whether times are good or bad - a lean organization is a strong organization.  Any company or printshop undertaking pruning operations need to exercise patience, since improvements don’t happen overnight.  There will be people in the organization who are resistent to change. Persistence and a consistent approach will be required to undertake pruning operations and accountability will also need to be factored in.  Working on one area and overlooking another will not bring in the desired results.  A lean company will contribute to the stability of any organization, bringing with it efficiencies and cost savings.

Our Better Business feature in this issue focuses on arming oneself with statistics to ward off fallacies and common misconceptions. The star products featured here are the 1.6m roll-to-roll textile printer from Epson, the SureColor SC-F7100 and Gmund Action paper. 



Shilpa Jasani is the editor of PrintWeek

MEA magazine.