Any business, anywhere in the world is always juggling with one moot question: which way to go? - raise quality and raise price of job orders, or compromise on quality to compete on price?  So though print is a very powerful medium of communication, it still needs to be sold.

In these tough times, it is often difficult to persuade customers to part with cash, resulting in the onus falling on the suppliers, read printer’s shoulders to improve his purchase policy, manage his overheads, improve efficiencies and broaden the base of his business in order to offer clients better quality without increasing prices. Printers also need to manage their cash flows judiciously, just so the business does not face hiccups.

While everyone is talking packaging printing, the one word of caution here would be to exercise restraint before increasing capacity on all fronts.  The vertical graph here is directly dependent on the population, there is a certain level to which packaging can possibly grow.

This issue of PrintWeek MEA features an indepth article on branding,  variable packaging and customization - weighing the pros and cons of branding for goods in the premium sector as well as low value products. Our Star Product highlights features of Colorific’s solvent UV conversion system for eco solvent printers, process free plates from Kodak and Fujifilm’s Jet Press 720S.