Muneer Abdul Qader, one of the managing directors of Al Mufeed Printing Press LLC, Sharjah in colloquy with   Venkat Raghavan,  shares his opinions on how to approach the industry in terms of people and process management.


Hailing from Kerala, India and bagged with a lot of dreams towards the printing industry, Muneer Abdul Qader landed the shores of UAE in 1990. He started his role as a salesman at a printing company in 1990, later he and his brother, Abdul Nazar Ali has decided to open a company of their own in 1993 which made them to open the Apex printing and advertising agency in the same year. Subsequentially, in the year 2000, the Al Mufeed printing press was opened.
Muneer holds a degree in Bachelors of Commerce from Mangalore University, India. He says, “Starting my career as a salesman in the printing industry where I need to meet the clients from various companies which gave me a congenial intuitiveness about the industry. Since, we already had an company running around 7 years in the industry, which showed us a upright path to open the Al Mufeed printing press.”
Briefing about the Al Mufeed, he says, “Myself and my brother both had the idea of opening a company, precisely for printing which made us to open the press and while starting we had only 5 members which later grown with the advancement of years. We offer a wide range of commercial printing services like offset, silk screen, and digital printing right from the design to final dispatch. Also, we have the world’s finest machines and latest technologies to fulfill the printing needs. We are glad to say that we are the one among the few printers, who run their alcohol free printing machines. Our prepress service ranges which includes graphic design, branding, packaging & designing, and many more. In addition, our product range includes magazines, newsletters, posters, packaging boxes, and many more. Our success has come from the hard work and the commitment from our staffs.“


● Al Mufeed was established in 2000 with 5 members. The printshop now employs 62 members

● Company has the alcohol free printing machines where only few in the industry runs with these kinds of machines

Expressing his views on the changes in print industry and challenges in the current times Muneer explains: “In our daily needs and deeds, we cannot think a life without printing. The only thing what we are suppose to do is to adapt and move to the innovative technology which indicates the growth from the contemporary industry. There has been a dire change in the technology from year to year. Particularly, the ultraviolet (UV) technology is a huge potential for the industry. UV printing is different from conventional printing in many ways. There is significantly less evaporation of solvents and much less absorption of the ink into the check and they are mainly eco-friendly and give a fast productivity. As far as I see, the major concern for us in the Middle East is the availability of raw materials. Nowadays, with the huge demand in the international market as well as with the logistics of the materials we see a difficulty in getting the prerequisite. Eventually, I could rather say that increase in the raw material prices and the upcoming demands for the skilled staffs is an another challenge that we are facing.”
He considers that the role of our employees as the major success of business. “We are immensely happy to say that our growth is because of the hard work as well as the commitment from our staffs. In addition, with the staffs like this we have never gone through a bad phase in our breath-taking venture and believe that this would not come in the near future too. Also, our staffs feel that the benefits we provide to them are respectable which makes them to work with such a dedication. Finally, with the employees like these we will surely bag a award soon.” 
Talking about his hobbies and interest he says, “I love to read books and I particularly like reading books towards the technology, even though I get only a little time. Of course, I love to go for a drive, either a long one or short one and that too with a pollution free region like UAE who loves not?”
Muneer sees the market trends in the region are entirely different from rest of the world. With these logistics facility over the region the printing industry will never fall. At present, the market demands the customary type of production which ordinarily not focusing on the eco-friendly rather it focuses on fast production. In the near future, the market demand will indubitably transform and request the process to get an eco-friendly type of business to perform in the global arena.
Looking ahead he says, “We are currently focusing only towards the commercial jobs in the local market and in the near future we will attain a noteworthy in the printing industry which will led us to reach the global arena. Also, we have plans to invest in the packaging sector too but not sure how soon we will keep our feet in that.”
Signing off, he opines that printers need to focus on customer satisfaction by giving good quality with the greater turn-around time. Also, the wastage should be reduced to overcome the cost-effectiveness to keep them aggressive. Conclusively, don’t let the technology surpass you moderately you take the technology.