Mumaij Moidu, managing director, Just Print Printing Press L.L.C., Dubai in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his methodology over the printing industry to provide high standards with professionalism 


Hailing from Kerala and raised in both the Kannur and Dubai, Mumaij Moidu completed his high school in Dubai and the degree from India. Later, he did a MBA at Inter American University. After gaining over 5 years of experience in the printing industry, he decided to set up his own printing company.

Mumaij says, “My professional journey started in the year 2004 as an accounts executive with Milford Real Estate. Thereafter, I moved to become an accounts manager with a publication company ‘The Entertainer’. Subsequently, I drove the marketing department of Orange Interactive Digital Agency as their Marketing Head, before starting my company, Just Print (JP) I was associated with Levant, a high end Retail Jeweler and Fashion Company in Dubai.  While dealing with several printing press vendors in Dubai, I came across a certain lack in quality detailing and sub-standard services being offered by some of these companies. This prompted my interest in offering a similar platform, albeit with much higher standards. For operating a successful printing press service I understood that the most significant factor was to surround myself with a professional team; people who are and can deliver the finest products and services for this industry. All other factors are secondary.”

Talking about the Just Print, he said “The idea to start a printing press evolved in me after I realized that each job in this business should be approached with great care and attention to detail, something which I found lacking with other vendors I collaborated with. Just Print is specifically dedicated to meeting the long terms and short term print and document requirements of businesses based in United Arab Emirates, in the most intelligent, cost-effective ways possible. Initially we started with a designer, a printer, a cutter and an accountant. Now we’re happy to state that we’ve grown to a strong team of 28, within 6 months of operations and we offer our customers a large variety of printing services ranging from simple black and white or colour copies to business cards, direct mail production, large volume print runs, wide format printing to variable data print marketing. Also, with Just Print’s dedication to outstanding quality, innovative solutions, and superior client service, we become a trusted partner for clients who are looking for a completer printing, web and marketing solution. Finally, every milestone achieved by this budding business is a feather in the hat in my professional experience.”


 Afer gaining 5 years of experience Mumaij has decided to open Just Print
Just Print started with a designer, a printer, a cutter and an accountant. Now, it grown to a strong team of 28, within 6 months of operations
Just print success comes from the professionals along with complete customer support at all times


As far as I evaluated these were the few changes happened in the printing industry, Mumaij says “Shifts in communication and emerging print technologies continue to disrupt the traditional methods of operation in the printing industry. While the industry still produces large marks on paper, there is a dominant shift towards the digital press-replacing offset in the future. Digital print allows a customer to print small quantities of highly targeted pieces on substrates we never dreamed we could print on in the past. However, the print industry in UAE is highly positive when compared to the rest of the world. Studies covering over 18 countries have suggested that 70% of businesses consider printing and publishing to be a highly effective tool in their communication mix. 90% businesses believe that professional print is important to their business and a major chunk believes that it is becoming increasingly important.”

Briefing about his company future in the next five years, he added “In the next few years we hope to understand our customers and their needs on a more intimate level. For we believe that printing is not a B2B industry, rather is a P2P industry. People buy printing from people. And Print marketing is all about creating a personal relationship with your clients. Armed with this unique knowledge, we wish to explore other potential printing avenues and services across UAE, and other parts of Middle East. Although we have clients in Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia, our main focus remains in the United Arab Emirates.”

Speaking about the trends, digital market and retaining employees, Mumaij says “If printers are able to effectively communicate to their B2B clients upcoming trends in printing technology; there is tremendous scope to grow business with clients belonging to a variety of sectors. While it is becoming increasingly important and equally challenging to retain trained employees, the business that are conducive laws in UAE make it possible for us to effectively hire expatriates that tend to be significantly committed to their jobs. In spite of being among the most economically advanced countries in the world, UAE is yet to truly leverage the benefits of digital tools. While this has had a favourable impact on the printing sector, businesses need to find a balance between these two tools to holistically reach out to larger audiences for higher profitability.” 

Signing off, he advices the printing companies to adapt to the current changes in market, that would let them to outlive and not become obsolete.