Anil NS, managing director of Giant Printers LLC, Sharjah in conversation withVenkat Raghavan, shares his technical experience towards the printing industry and how he used it over these years to overcome recession

Hailing from Kerala and raised in Kannur district, India, Anil NS completed his schooling in his native place. Later, he did his Diploma in printing technology. After completing his education in India he decided to start his venture on the same and joined in a printing press which later helped him to open a company in Sharjah.

Anil briefed about his career, “Since, my parents were educated and they wanted me to do a professional career like them which made to puruse the printing technology. I have completed my diploma in the year 1990 and after finishing it I joined in the Star Enterprises, Saki Naka in Andheri East, Mumbai. While joining I was an apprentice and step by step I became a machine operator. As this was my first experience I did not let a single opportunity to be missed and grab all of them with both the hands and continued the service until 1995. Later, I came to Dubai to seek a job in the same printing industry and joined in Ditce Printing Press, Sharjah. While I am entering the UAE, it was entirely new for me even in the jobs too. In India, I use to work on large volume packaging jobs with less complexity but in UAE all the jobs were complicated with many short runs and colour jobs. Later, in 1998 I joined in the International Printing Press as an assistant machine operator for five colour machines and worked there until 2001. Finally, I joined in the Printwell Printing Press as a machine operator and you may think that almost all my job designations were machine operators but the fact is there were several categories like 2 colour, 4 colour and 5 colour operator. Until 2004 I was working on the 5 colour and other big machines and after that I was given a better opportunity to work on the marketing part as well. I gained more experiences while I was marketing the product that created the awareness about what industry exactly needed from a printing press. With all these experiences I opened the Giant Printers, LLC in the year 2007.”



● The company was started with 9 peoples and now it has around 60 employees


● He has a professional printing qualification which was lacking with others


● They are planning to expand their business with further digital machines in the coming years

Narrating about the Giant Printer, he said, “The idea to start the printing press arose only after I started to meet the clients while marketing the printing products. Whenever I am meeting the clients they use to give several feedback about the product. I keenly looked on those points and thought that if I open a printing press then I will definitely overcome these segments and can satisfy the customers at a full fledge. After deciding to open the printing press few of my friends who were selling the refurbishing encouraged me to open it by giving some small advance and amount can be paid in the credit terms. With all those blessings I opened the press with 9 members and now it has around 60 employees. During those days we have given importance to stationery, booklets and few other jobs. Nowadays, we are doing all kind of commercial jobs like luxury gift items, magazines, gift boxes, perfume boxes and many more. We have not even seen a single worst phase and that too even during the 2008 recession. The credit goes to our valued customer who made us like this where they believed that we are the one who can provide quality of service always.”

Speaking about the changes in the printing industry and the regions business, he added, “The Middle East region always welcomes the new technology and whatever the technology which launches in the overseas will be launched next in our region. During the early days we were printing there were no four-colour jobs and all the jobs has to be done manually. Nowadays, it is hard to see any semi automatic machine too and that shows the technology growth over these years. The biggest concern is for the large volume jobs and all the customers are looking only for the short run jobs. However, the digital will have a huge growth in the coming years to accommodate these kinds of short run jobs. Persons who were having one digital branch now opened ten more branches. So you could very well see the growth. Finally, printing industry in this region has surplus productivity so the needs for new printing press are very less. However, we are participating in the place where we feel that we were healthy. Also, running 24 hours is not worth for us to make more money.”

Narrating about his company credit period, employee retentive, and plans, he added, “We normally offer credit period of around 30 to 90 days but it is going beyond that and it is difficult to say no to customers. Retaining professional employees are always difficult so to avoid this we always abide all the rules and offer them as per the rules of the country. I believe that digital is a boon to this industry and we will expand ourselves more in the coming years.”

Signing off, he humbly admitted that “Although I do not have much experience to advice others I would request the printing companies to keep the margin and avoid taking jobs just to grab a customer. Also, the new printing press has to be careful while providing estimation for the jobs.”