Discussions of Ghazi Torbay, general manager of Abu Dhabi Printing and Publishing Co.,  Abu Dhabi with Venkat Raghavan about the things he learnt in the printing industry and the technology he seen in his career


An elongated period resident of UAE, he was one of the person in the printing industry who have more printing industry education in his back. Ghazi Torbay pursued his education in media industry from Lebanon where he was born and brought up. He completed his education in the year 1978 and later he came to Abu Dhabi in 1979 to receive a good career. As a career leap he joined in Etihad Newspaper and served there for a longer time and finally joined in the Abu Dhabi Printing and Publishing.

With all his dreams bagged behind, he joined in Etihad newspaper as a supervisor which was pretty difficult task during those days. He worked there until 2010 where he was relieved as an asst. manager from the company. He has learnt everything from there like, printing, prepress, information designing and many more. Since, it is one of the well renowned newspapers it had a space where he can learn from dot to comma. During his tenure he has made several training for most of the printing companies and one of them was the training he offered for the Sanaa newspaper at Yemen. After his resignation from Etihad newspaper he went for Kuwait on 2011 and worked as a manager for Alam Al-Yuom newspaper until 2012. Later he went for Sudan and Lebanon for providing training for the staffs. Later in 2014, he joined the Abu Dhabi Printing press as a general manager.



● He has around 36 years of printing industry experience along with the professional industry education

● Printing Press is one of the oldest press in Abu Dhabi

● They are doing most of the government jobs in Abu Dhabi


Talking about the Abu Dhabi Printing and Publishing Co., Torbay, commented, “We are the oldest and the first established printing press in Abu Dhabi. We’re a professional digital agency based in UAE that provides a variety of high quality online publishing services. We provide each client with a variety of avenues and options to find success with their publications, and we’ve got the resources and the expertise to make sure that you get the most out of your publication regardless of what it is. Our desktop publishing services have been brought to countless different people and businesses to develop digital books and publications that have gained success, and we accomplish this by providing a versatile approach to each publication. We bring the same level of commitment and dedication to each publishing task that we are assigned, and we design a comprehensive program for bringing this task success through the proper digital design and marketing. From the finest offset printing and design crafted by experienced and skilled professionals to the most innovative digital publishing, there’s nowhere in UAE that you’ll find the same level of creativity, resourcefulness, and knowledge of the publishing markets than our digital agency!”

He added about the experience which he gained so far, “Even though my education was towards the media I unfortunately landed in the printing industry. Basically, I do a thorough audit of the company in aspects like, how many has to be place, how much space is required for the machines, what machines they need to buy for accommodating their production requirement, how many employees they need and finally I train the employees of the company to start the job process. So far, I have trained many  employees in my career and will continue to train as many as possible to offer the best employees to the industry.”

He further added about the trends, “Earlier, customers mostly used to prefer their jobs to be printed in high volumes but as the years passed their needs have changed where we could say almost 50% of the turn around pages has come down. Everything has got changed from 1979, earlier we use to do the jobs in hand/manually then the computer to film (CTF) has come to play for some period and finally the CTP entered and removed the whole manual interventions. However, the machines are not that much changed for a prepress company but some of the changes I seen is on the ink and plates. Earlier, we need a minimum of 10 employees for doing a basic job where the ink has to mixed manually with our hand but nowadays everything is being automated so we don’t need to mix it manually which in reflection let us to do a basic job with 3 to 4 employees so almost 90% of the jobs has been automated and even the paper wastage is being drastically reduced. In addition, earlier we need quite a big space for placing the offset machines but now people are investing more in to digital so the requirement for space is also reduced. Finally, people earlier were using materials from Europe to produce high quality products and nowadays due to the cost constraint people started to use the China material to attain profit but we cannot blame them because that is what  Middle East market is asking for.”

Speaking about the region and company benefits, he added, “The region was having high potential before 15 years where there were many jobs available but there was not enough printing press. Nowadays, there were enough printing press but the jobs was not enough to feed them so few of them have even closed now.”

Signing off, he advices, all the industry person has to be aware of the potentialness of the digital printing and packaging to produce more revenues and to avoid recession.