Simon Noronha, managing director at Pearl Printing Press, LLC, Dubai in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his three decade experiences in the printing industry and what has to be done in the industry


Hailing from Bangalore, India, Simon Noronha has completed his Bachelors of Commerce from Christ College in 1974. After completing his graduation he worked in Mumbai for ten years which later made him to open a printing press and colour separation unit in Dubai.

Talking about his career, Simon Noronha, managing director of Pearl Printing Press, added, “After completing my graduation I worked in a textile mill as an accountant from 1974 to 1985. Later I landed in Abu Dhabi to start a new venture where I joined in Awarq Magazine. During that time they purchased a hell scanner machine and there were nobody over there to take the training. Hence, I voluntarily took the challenge and undergone 45 days training from the German Engineers. Due to some reasons, the scanner was taken back by the manufacturers due to some reasons which made me to join in the Dubai Printing Press as a prepress incharge and scanner operator. During those days I learnt all the job process and became technical expert in that prepress which made me to open the Rainbow Colour Separation (a prepress) in 1994. While opening the office we had only 3 people in it and within two years it grown to 55 staffs where we were having six image setters, wet and dry proofing systems. Since, there was a huge shift in the industry we started the Pearl Printing Press in 2003 to accommodate the industry trend where it was started with 11 employees and it grown to fifty plus.”



● He has more than three decade of experience in the printing industry


● He pursued a proper training on machines

He added about the printing press specialization, “Our overall administration has an experience of 21 years, within this industry. Having this immense amount of experience, the press has been steadily built to handle any printing requirement. Some of the printing requirements of our customers are as such: Spot U.V., Foiling, Embossing & De-embossing, Hot & Cold Lamination, All types of binding and finishing work. Also, we have a capacity to deliver the needs of our customers through a steadily growing arsenal of up to date machineries from leading print machine suppliers. To name a few machines we have: PM 74 Heidelberg machine, PM 52 GTO four colour, GTO two colour (two machines), GTO single colour. Our product ranges offers from desk calendar, shopping bags, stands, buntings, and it almost one stop solution.”

He added about the industry trends and company strategy, “During those days we use to place the screen on the film and then we make the positives, later came the dot generation which again survived in the industry for quite sometime, then the CTP, direct plates and digital machine has come. A person who seen all these will have a big technical story to tell, just like me. Also, after some period newspaper started to accept digital papers and that is one of the reasons we opened the Pearl Press. However, commercial printing does not have that good scope and digital with short run will be better. To accommodate this, we are fully equipped to take all short run packaging jobs. I always prefer to have a safe and steady press which is again one of the reason we never took any loans to buy any machines. We invest in the machines only from the earned money and we do not know what is LPO at all throughout these years as well as our suppliers payment will be available in the reception before the end of every month. Until today, I arrive as a first person to the press and leaves as the last person which made me to understand all the in and out of the press. In addition, if we say to our customer that their product will be available in this date and it will be ready by that at any cost without compromising on the quality which again made us to gain more customers. Overall, our press is a family owned business where all my family is in the press. One son is taking care of marketing, my wife is taking care of accounts, my daughter-in-law is taking care of sales, and finally my second who is pursuing MBA will soon join the press.”

He added about the company facilities, international markets, credit policy, and memorable moment, “Our company provides accommodation and all the other facilities as per the UAE workers law. Our market is 90% in India and 10% in international. Our clients are from Nigeria, Uganda, and various African countries. Credit policy is one of the uncontrollable factors in the printing press. I definitely urge to form a credit bureau so that it maintains all the defaulters to be identified which would allow the other printing press not to take the business from those defaulters. Memorable moment in my career would the time where I opened the Rainbow Colour Separation because during those days the technical person are valued liked anything and paid like anything whereas nowadays it’s been simplified where everybody can operate the machines easily with basic knowledge.”

Signing off, he advices to the persons who planned to open a new printing press to study the market thoroughly and have an in-depth knowledge about the industry before starting it. Also, do not take the job that is not having enough margin or don’t take the job just to run the machine.