Basheer Mahmood, managing director of National Printing Press, Dubai, United Arab Emirates in conversation with Venkat Raghavan to give an ‘indepth overview’ of the trends and improvements of the printing business in this region as well as shared his experience and principles he followed until today


Hailing from Maharastra and settled in Dubai, Basheer Mahmood, accomplished all his schooling in his hometown. After doing his schooling he pursued Bachelors degree in Mumbai. After completing his graduation he pursued a basic printing course which made him join a printing press in Mumbai. He worked there taking care of all the marketing activities and then he came to Dubai to endeavor into the printing industry. After arriving in Dubai he directly joined National Printing Press as a basic employee like everyone  and later he became the managing director of the company.



● The group has more than 400 employees

● This was one of the printing press which was started before the Independence

● They have zero percentage tolerance in their office

● The Press has never been interrupted for a single day


Talking about the printing press and how the group was established, Basheer Mahmood, managing director of the National Pringing Press (NPP) and JMBR Group FZ-LLC, commented, “National Printing Press was started in 1963 and this was one of the printing press which was established before the independence of United Arab Emirates. The Press was started with 20 employees which has now grown to more than 400 employees as a whole group. Since the inception, the company has been able to constantly innovate new products, services and solutions. Understanding the need of a back up facility to ensure uninterrupted services in case of a disaster or a natural calamity, MICR Printing Press was established in 1983. This fully equipped facility boasts the infrastructure, printing machinery and experienced personnel that match NPP’s standards on a like-for-like basis. After realizing the potential of the commercial printing sector, few years down the line, this facility also started serving as the mainstream commercial division.”

Mahmood further added, “In 2010, in line with the progressive expansion strategy, JMBR group opened another state of the art printing facility in International Media Productions Zone (IMPZ), Jebel Ali.  This facility includes the corporate head office of the group and boasts four times the production capacity of NPP and MICR taken together. With fully integrated operations and advanced printing machinery, the facility provides another platform to satisfy the ever-growing demand of the security and commercial printing sectors.” 

He further added about the company’s specialization, “Our specialty lies in the area of security printing. In order to maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ sensitive information we do not outsource any activity to third party. This particular reason has allowed us to maintain relationship with several clients for several decades. As a natural extension to our service portfolio and in order to offer a one-stop shop solution to our clients we have recently started a courier service. Earlier financial institutions used to collect the products from us which in turn they would deliver it to end customer. Now, with our courier service we deliver directly to the end customer which not only shortens the turn-around-time for delivery but also enhances the entire customer experience.”

 Evoking about the changes he has seen in the industry, Mahmood elucidates, “Earlier there were very few printing press and particularly only a handful had four and two colour machines where the rest had just a single colour machine. Also, people used to call a press when they had just a cylinder machine, a cutting machine and camera department however the scenario is entirely different now. Then the magazine and newspaper printing came into play which made everyone to think about expanding. Our focus in security printing started with a project that was assigned to us which was successfully executed, which in turn propelled our specialization in this field. If you recall those days, security printing has totally changed now and we need to keep ourselves updated with the latest technology.” 

Looking ahead Mahmood adds, “We are expanding our commercial printing operations into packaging, increasing our presence in African countries, and moving aggressively towards providing innovative and cost-efficient solutions to our clients.”

Signing off, he advices, Always follow the principles of your work and have the confidence in oneself which will enable you to face and overcome any challenge.”