Elias S. Khoriaty, general manager of Pioneer Printing Press, Sharjah in conversation withVenkat Raghavan, opines his general overview of the current market and how to improve the business in the coming years

Hailing from Lebanon, Elias S. Khoriaty completed his schooling from his hometown. After completing his schooling he wanted to do a degree which would allow him to learn all the organization process. He then, pursued the degree in accountancy and completed the same in 1978. Since, his degree made him to view the process tree of the organization he wanted to open a printing press on his own and started the Pioneer Printing Press in 1997.


● Press is having five warehouses

● Press started with 17 employees and it now has around 60

● Most of their jobs are focused toward the UAE


Talking about his career, Elias S. Khoriaty, general manager of the Pioneer Printing Press, commented, “I have completed all my education in Lebanon and after completing the degree I have joined in a company as an accountant in the year 1978. I was doing all the accounting work for that company and after seeing my performance the owner has requested me to do accounting for few more companies of him. During the tenure I have learnt all the process involved in the business like the typical management processes which includes “corporate governance” and “strategic management”; operational processes, processes that constitute the core business and create the primary value stream; supporting processes, which support the core processes. After a decade in Lebanon I came to UAE and joined in National Paint Company as an accountant in 1988. Later I joined in the Rainbow Printing Press as same accountant. As there was War Kuwait my manager went to his hometown which made me to become the manager for the printing press within a year. While I am taking the charge the company was having 180,000 AED loss and within a year of taking the charge I made the company to attain the profit of 85,000 AED. Then after couple of years down the line the company was able to attain a profit of 670,000. Since, I have gained a lot of industry experience I decided to open a printing press on my own and started the Pioneer Press in 1997.”

Khoriaty adds about his printing press, “Our major jobs were focused towards the commercial printing jobs and small packaging jobs. We do jobs like brochures, books, business stationery, paper bags, catalogues, magazines, greeting cards, folders, posters, stickers, calendars and many more. Apart from this we have press machines like KBA 5 colour 105, Roland-200 / 5, Roland 202T OB-2 colour, SORS Heidelberg-1 colour, SM 52 Heidelberg-2 colour, GTO 52- 2 colour, Printmaster 46 Heidelberg - 2 colour, Schnellpresen Fabric Heidelberg Die Cutter - Cutting Size: 50 X 70cm, two Letterpress 36cm. We started the printing press with 17 employees and it has grown to around 60 employees. In addition, while we were starting we had only one warehouse and now we are having around 5. We always give importance to UAE and that is one of the reason we do most of our jobs here.”

He further added about the trends, “Earlier, customers mostly used to prefer their jobs to be printed in high volumes but as the years passed by there needs have changed. If a small shop is having a digital printing press then he can make some good money which can feed for 4 to 5 employees but for a printing press like us has to do at least 10 digital job to attain the same profit. However, the offset is entirely different as we can easily get the whole profit in a single job itself.  There are again drastic changes in the pre press and CTP machines that has made the jobs easier with the software versions having more enhanced features. Also, during the early days there were multiple operators working on a single job and with the available automation today, all the jobs have been simplified and time spend on outputting a job has been reduced to minimum.”

Speaking about the company challenges, and plans about the expansion, he added, “Before 2011 we were enormously doing well and making good but after that we were not doing up to extent, as with any industry, we have come down a little. Earlier we use to work 24 hours and now it has come down to 8 hours. The credit period is always a concern for all in this industry and we have been able to overcome it by selecting the right customers. Also, we meet the industry norms of the credit period where our credit period varies from 30 through 90 days. We are offering accommodation and other facilities as per the UAE Labour Law. Apart from this, we do conduct regular events for our staffs. We have and would always be in a mode of continuous improvement to upgrade our facilities to the satisfaction of all stakeholders of our business to have all round growth. Five years down the line our half of the portion would move towards the packaging as well as the digital.”

Signing off, he advices the printing press to do the business with professionalism and keep updating yourself with all the latest technologies to receive a better market share.