Ahmed Al Nowais, managing director of Venus Commercial Printing Press L.L.C., Abu Dhabi in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his views on how  to improve and create more revenues to the UAE printing industry


Localite of emirates and educated in USA, Nowais completed his MBA in advertising and marketing in the year 1998 at the Portland State University, USA. After completing his degree, he did not want to waste his career in the country so he directly ventured  towards the printing industry and joined the Venus Commercial Printing Press. 



● The printing press was established in 1998

● The printing press has around 300 employees

● Most of the jobs are from the Government sector

Al Nowais commented about his career, “Since, I was born and raised in the Emirates I know what is needed for this region and that is the reason I pursued MBA and came back immediately to start the printing press which was the most needed during that time. The press was established in 1998 with around eight employees and few basic machines. Later, we started to receive multiple orders and we were in a position to outsource few of the jobs. The quality what we were receiving from the outsourced clients were not up to the mark and even we were not getting them on time which made me to think of expanding the press. Ensuing it, I have invested hugely on offset, digital, finishing, binding, and many more machines to accommodate all the receiving jobs. With all the hardworks our company now has around 300 employees and we will grow even in future.”

Talking about his company specialization, he added, “Venus Commercial Printing Press, is a pioneer local owned, state-of-the art full service printing establishment located in Abu Dhabi with over 100 full time professionals dedicated to ensuring the outmost paramount production quality from the initial artistic graphic designs, estimate and sale through the pre-press, press, post-press and fulfillment operations. Venus functions it’s around-the-clock production with full automated wide-ranging machinery coupled with facility houses implementing several best-of-breed solutions in order to provide more efficient and highest quality results. With today’s fast turnarounds, we know the necessity of being able to handle the critical needs of detailed, high-end commercial work. Venus commercial offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been offering our clients in all emirates of UAE a range of services to advance their business, never wavering from our commitment to total satisfaction. We offer services like brochures/flyers, foil embossing, business cards, lamination (Glass-Matt), letterheads, spot varnishing, UV varnishing, envelopes, banners / posters printing, pop up display, calendars, boxes folders, carbonless vouchers printing, out door printing, indoor printing, custom printed vouchers, and many more.”

Speaking about the changes in the printing industry and the regions business, he added, “During those days the market was not saturated and there were a lot of potential for opening a new printing press. However, in the last twenty years the trends of the industry was fully changed. Nowadays, the market is moving towards the digital, packaging, and labels. However, to get hold of the clients, we offer them better after and before services. Apart from this, we deliver the products all over the UAE to our clients which would ease them to getting the products. There are many competitors around the market and that is one of the reason we are doing business in print for Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UK, and US.”

Briefing about his company’s future in the next five years, and staff retention, he added, “We are now planning to expand into packaging as well as labels. Also, we have some big plans to expand towards the security printing industry and we eagerly waiting for an opportunity to open the same in the near future. However, even if we open we would like to stand ourselves as unique in that industry. Currently, we are having two branches in UAE and in the next few years we will be opening eight more branches. We always liked to encourage our staff and that is why we are offering bonuses and annual party to all the staffs. Since, we believe in staff so they wanted to be a part of us to grow along with us. As new technologies continue to come in, we are going to continue upgrading our machineries to meet our clients needs.”

Talking about the current market, he added, “The market is good for us as we are getting regular business from government sectors. If the market is not up to the extent then you should not recruit any employees until the cash flow becomes normal. In addition, we should only do what needs to be done and should definitely not do the things which are unnecessary.”

Signing off, he advises, if you really want to be part of the industry then always let your product speaks on behalf you, which is what every clients expects. Also, always take up the jobs which has guarantee for the money.”