Abdalla Rashid Ahmed Abdalla Alhammadi, managing director of Vision Printing and Publishing, LLC., Abu Dhabi in conversation withVenkat Raghavan, shares his opinion towards the current industry trends and what made him to start the printing press. 


Born and raised in Khor Fakkan, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Abdulla Alhammadi has completed his schooling in Al Khalil Bin Ahmed in 1992 and then started to pursue his degree in accountancy at Al Ain Unversity. Later, he discontinued his studies for two years and took up a job. With all the dreams he saved a lot of money from his job and started a small advertising company which he later converted into a big printing press.

Talking about his career, Alhammadi added, “I had a very big passion towards this printing industry and it sparked through my partner who wanted to start a print business. During those days we do not have enough money to own a big printing press so I saved some money to start a ‘Setup advertising’ company in 2003 with 3 employees. We worked hard and made the advertising agency to a commercial printing press in 2005. Our commercial printing was having two GTO single colour machine, 50/70 two-colour machine along with few printing and folding machines. Our press had main office in Abu Dhabi whereas the printing happened in Mussafah altogether with 12 employees. Even though we had several machines we were not able to take up all the jobs which made us send few of our jobs to the press to get it done and in reflection the profit margin has come down a little and even turn around time has had some little impact. We analyzed all these issues and as an outcome we sold all our existing machineries to open this Vision Printing Press. The Vision press was started in 2008 with around 18 employees where I myself went to Germany to purchase all the needed machines.”



● The company has plans to start a new company to handle servicing, replacing parts, paper distribution, and many more

● The press was initially started as advertising company which later become printing press


Speaking about the press, he added, “The word ‘Vision’ itself will speak about our moto to start this printing press. After the establishment of the press, we had a clear goal in setting high standards of customer servicing, sufficient times and excellent quality. Also, our relationship with clients are being built upon trust, committment, and transparency, aiming on maintaining a respectable long term relationship. Finally, to contribute in the growth of the printing business in the UAE. Our services are offered in wide range as company profile, brochures, custom magazine, books, stationery, newsletter, flyers, paper bags, poster, calendars, folders, embossing, foil, lamination, spot UV, die cutting, and many more.

“As far as I evaluated these were the few changes happened in the printing industry”, Alhammadi says, “Printing is an industry where technological enhancements occur quite often. During those days, everyone has to give more importance to the offset machine alone but the market requirement has changed a lot and it is expecting a swift return which made every press to switch over to the digital machines. However, the output and service which we are getting for the offset machines are entirely different compared to the digital machines. With the help of digital printing, client could really personalize their marketing material to be far more  effective in their marketing campaign. The business turnover is not the same as it was few years back. During those days we use to get a lot of jobs and there was no huge competition in the market and even the profit margin was very good but due to unhealthy competition the market has come down drastically.”

He explained about his company benefits, the region scope, “Like others, we provide accommodation and transportation for the employees. Retaining the employees in this region is quite difficult where the employees moving to other press even for 200 to 500 AED. Anyway, we are giving good increment to our employees based on their performance so retaining is manageable for us. Challenges always persist and most troubling among them is the credit policy, it is quite difficult to handle the credit terms and we strongly do all the evaluation procedure before providing to the clients. Our company period varies from 30 through 120 days.”

Talking about his plans for the next five years, he added, “We have some plans for the expansion in printing and we are keeping it in hold for sometime. We are expecting the government to make some annoucements and as soon as it is made we will vigorously start our expansion. The packaging is one different sector were you need to have special equipment to accommodate the job so I don’t think we will expand into that sector soon. However, we planned to start a new company where we will take care of servicing, spare parts replacing, paper supplying, and many more printing related services.

Speaking about the region scope, “I believe the whole printing industry will do well from next year as the Expo 2020 is approaching but it is very difficult to predict at this point of time as we need to wait for some more time.”