Madhusudanan Nayar, general manager of Zabeel Printing Press LLC, Ajman in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his experience towards the printing industry as well as the other industry and how he is handling the current market

Hailing from Coimbatore and raised in Kerala, India, Madhusudanan Nayar completed his Schooling in St. Thomas Higher Secondary School in K K Pudur, Coimbatore and after completing it their family moved back to his hometown in Kerala. As soon as he landed, he started to pursue Bachelors of Arts degree in Accountancy at PTM Government College Perinthalmanna. While he was pursuing he got a job in Nestle as sales executive and he did the education as well as the degree together. In 1998, he arrived in UAE to venture his printing industry career.

● Printing press does most of their business to schools in UAE
● They have received ISO certification 9001:2008

Madhu says, “My career started while I was pursuing my education in Kerala. My first job was in Nestle as a sales executive and I was there in that company for around one and half years. After resigning from Nestle, I joined in Ponds India Pvt. Ltd as sales representative for North Malabar Area. I worked there for around two years and after that I joined in Ramtirth Brahmi Oil as marketing manager for Kerala. Since, I was desperately looking for good opportunities I immediately got a job in Cycle Agarbatti as Kerala manager and I worked for there for the next 3.5 years. During the same time I have worked hard and invested in a property in my hometown which was big accomplishment for me. After some period again I got a very good opportunity in Natraj Pencils as regional manager for Kerala and Tamilnadu where I worked for 4 years. After resigning the job I was looking for some overseas opportunity and somehow I come to know that Ali Alhashemi Trading was recruiting for there one of their company. I attempted the interview and got selected for Printing and Stationery Industry (PSI) in 1998 and came to UAE. Since, I am quick learner I learnt almost everything about the dairy manufacturing, custom made exercise books, mailing machine envelopes and many more. During that time mailing facility was available only in UAE. Since, I was the in charge for many important division and it gave me a good opportunity to learn all these things. I worked there until 2010 and while resigning I was the sales manager. After resigning my job I was looking for some good opportunities and during the same time Joy, the owner of the printing press was looking for a responsible person for taking care of the whole printing press. Since, both of our ideas managed to be the same I got this opportunity to work as a general manager for Zabeel Printing Press LLC.”
Talking about the press, he added, “We are one of the most innovative and trusted printers in UAE. Our reputation and our obsession with quality is second best to none. We are manufacturers, offering you a range of school paper stationery products, very high quality and competitive price. Some of our products are Ex. Books, Teachers Plan Book, Attendance Register Book (Staff & Student), Progress Card, Report Sheet, Drawing Book, Children Activity Book, Practical Record Book, and many more. Quality Offset printing, consistent color reproduction and runs to suit almost any need - all for a very practical price. We mostly focus towards the school jobs and it is not that much easy for a new printing press to enter into this segment. There are lots and lot of input required to do a single schoolbook like number of pages, graph pages and many more. Since, we know all the requirements of every curriculum we are able to meet their requirements.”
Speaking about the changes in the technology, printing industry and the trend, he added, “The industry always welcomes the new technology and without the technological development we cannot grow so the technology is growing rapidly. Now, everyone in the industry is scared to invest and this has to be changed immediately. The regions business for us has been same from 2013 and we didn’t see any decline in our business. Since, we focus more in the school books so we are having a steady business altogether. Printing is a capital intensive and highly competitive industry. However, digital will continue to be the main focus and this is where I see growth. Another major advantage in UAE is that the presses don’t need to own big warehouses, as all the materials are available instantly. The small printing press in the market are closing their presses as they are unable to meet the breakeven cost which is horrible and affecting the suppliers faith on the other presses. I would request the presses to reinvest the money earned from the press in the same industry rather than the other industry.”
Speaking about the employee benefits, credit period, and company plans, he further says, “We haven’t felt any difficulty in retaining the employees but however, with our services like accommodation and other benefits, our employee are much happy with us and that is why we have reached this good position along with them. In addition, we have planned to give insurance and employee bonus for the coming year. The credit period is the one critical point to be considered and we always prefer to give the clients between 60 to 120 days but so far we haven’t faced any hurdles while collecting the money. We don’t have many plans towards expansion and we will wait for the correct time to invest.”