Seema Mathur, managing director of  Packtech Plastic Industries LLC, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, tells us about the current trends and where the industry is moving toward.

Hailed from India, has completed all her education from India. She has completed her professional degree in Arts and with the interest in the printing industry she and her husband started the Packtech Plastic Industries LLC, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.
Talking about the education, company specialization, and the business, Seema Mathur, managing director of Packtech Plastic Industries LLC, commented, “I have done my degree in Arts which is not closely related to the printing industry, however, the skills I have acquired over the past years have helped me succeed in running the business. In addition, in today’s world the high tech equipment and a variety of substrates give us the opportunity to explore distinct options, which interests me. My professional degrees in arts aid me to understand what is the customer requirement so we at Packtech Plastic can provide the best. Developing innovative solutions for our customers is our specialization. We always value our relationships, building them on trust and honesty to work as a team and then work on exploring new ideas for our clients. The Middle East is our biggest market, but we export to South Africa, North Africa, Mauritius, and some parts of the Far East as well. We started the company with 5 employees and have today grown to almost 10 times. Each one of them are experts and professionals in their own field. We deal with industries like confectionery, catering industry, pulse & spice packaging, construction sheets, food & dairy industry, chemical industry bags, and many more.”

● The company started with 5 employees and have grown to almost 10 times
● They export to South Africa, North Africa, Mauritius and some parts of the Far East as well

Speaking about the changes and challenges in packaging industry, she added, “The Print Industry is vibrant and ever evolving. Currently we are witnessing a shift towards hybrid printing technologies with great reduction in turn-around time. Today we focus on narrowing the gap between digital and flexible printing technologies. Packaging industry is dynamic with immense potential in future years. Speed of printers and time spent on change overs are crucial, in order to lower costs and finally increase profitability. These challenges make this industry vibrant and ever evolving. Applying a variety of coating to various substrates to reduce microns will be the future of packaging industry. The next challenge for the small to medium businesses is how to get them viable and effective in the manufacturing sector. Thus, we need to keep adapting to this ever-changing environment.”
Talking about the company success, her success, and future plans, Mathur said, “Our company success has been defined by the hard work and immense efforts of our team of professionals. Team work and building trust in our customers makes us achieve our goals. As far as my success is concerned ‘it is attaining your targets and inspiring others’ around you to work towards their goals. I believe success is not about the material possessions attained but rather about, how the process of achieving my goals has developed me and helped me make a positive impact on those around me. The future of packaging is very impressive where we need to understand the dynamics of this industry and we will expand incorporating innovative technologies and machinery to cater to a wider customer base and larger industry sector. Changing with the times is not an option but a must. Already we have come up with better film qualities and wider range of products. We are looking forward to the latest technology improvements and to expanding our work force, to bring the latest innovations to the market and add value to the supply chain. We also look forward to a zero-waste production line, to increase our efficiency. In 2017, we will focus on sustaining financial growth and developing new ecofriendly innovative products.”
Talking about her hobbies, she added, “I like to be well informed so keep myself updated with various newspapers, magazines, news apps and websites. Also, I enjoy watching movies like the Big Short, which was about the financial crisis of 2009.”
Speaking about the excess supply in the market and company offerings, she commented, “Given the increase in the number of printing presses in the market, the supply will exceed demand. However, we understand that we need to tap more market sectors and a wider international customer base. Also, UAE being an evolving economy may see a change in the coming year with greater focus on FMCG and hospitality sector. Employee retention programs are important and all companies follow certain policies to retain their staff. There are several ways like flexible work time, company discounts and loans and other privileges that work depending on case to case. We as an organization keep in mind that retention is about listening to employees and working with them.”