Bishwanath Sharma, director of Concept Flexible Packaging, LLC, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his experience and the current trends and where the industry is moving toward.

Hailed from Bombay, Bishwanath Sharma has completed all his education from India. He has completed his Commerce degree from Bombay University in 1981 and with the interest in business, he did a small course for exporting and importing business. Finally, with the interest in business he and his partner started Concept Flexible Packaging, LLC in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

● The company started with 8 employees and now has around 160 employees
● The company is running many business apart from the Concept Flexible Packaging

Speaking about his education and career, Bishwanath Sharma, director of Concept Flexible Packaging, LLC, said, “I have completed all my schooling from Guru Nanak National High School in 1976 from Mumbai and later I pursued my graduation in Commerce after completing it I wanted to know what is happening in the export industry which made me to do a course on it. Later, I started my job career with Punjab Small Industries & Export Corporation limited which is basically semi government organization. We were based in World Trade Center in Bombay. I joined as a sales executive and while relieving I was the sales supervisor. After working there for nine years I thought that something more has to be done and came to UAE in December 1989. My first job in UAE was into a different industry which let me to take driving license. Later in 1991, I joined as a sales coordinator in Kangaroo Plastics in Dubai. Since, the job was the first one in the packaging industry I worked there for nine years where I learnt all about the industry. Later, something sparked my mind and I along with Bharat Bhatia started the Concept Flexible Packaging in 2004 with 8 employees in Hamriya Free Zone. During those days we were doing around 20 to 30 tons per month. Even though we had many warehouses we were unable to do all the jobs in a single place so we thought of moving to a new premises where we can do everything in a single place which made us to come to Ras Al Khaimah. With this new premise, we were able to do 600 to 700 tons of business a month with our existing 160 employees. Apart from the packaging company, we have another company called Classique Labels in Ras Al Khaimah.”
Speaking about the current market and company strategy, he added, “Currently, there are too many un professional players in the market who are spoiling the industry. Even there are persons who do not know anything about the industry and they are giving the prices unethically. However, we have a good name in the market as quality service provider. Quality delivered on time is our tag line and we are strictly following it. Our company has an open strategy which lets everyone in the company to see what is happening around. We cautiously select the customers so that our payments are getting collected easily. Even many of our customers have helped us by reducing the credit period which showed us how important we are for them. We have ISO certification for our company and currently we are trying for BRC certification which would be over soon. I believe in practical working, common-sensical approach by looking at the customers by from their perspective. There are times; we even arranged deliveries in midnight and early morning to meet the customer unexpected requirements which is why we use to tell ourselves that we are customer centric service provider. Again, we keep the stock ready by knowing the customer pulse so that whenever we receives the orders from customers we were able to deliver it on time. Finally, we believe in quick working with a proactive approach and we always foresee the future and work in accordance to it.”
Talking about employees, he added, “We always wanted our employees to have relaxation so that they shall ease out their pressure. On every Thursday after 4’O clock we close our unit and let them enjoy. We have pitches for cricket and volleyball as well as we have indoor games likes table tennis and billiards. Also, whenever time permits I too use to join them. We always keep a friendly environment so that employees will love their work.”
Speaking about the credit period, innovative things which they did in the market, and company’s business, he added, “The credit period differs to customer to customer but on an average we follow 60-90 days. We use to spend a lot of time for R&D of every product and in one instance our team has came up with a new solution to reduce the thickness of aluminum foils. After the implementation of the downsizing the aluminum foils, the customers were immensely happy which in return benefits both the customer and us. We do around 40 percentage locally and remaining 60 we do in MENA region.”
While signing off, he advices, that the person who is doing business should do it with a sound techno commercial approach where they could evaluate the whole process properly.