Neil Dias, managing director of Print Outs, Dubai in conversation with Venkat Raghavan, shares his insight of the industry and explains where the digital printing industry is heading.

Hailed and raised in Mumbai, India, Neil Dias came to Dubai in 1996. He has triple Masters qualifications: MBA in Strategic Management with Finance and Marketing as electives from University of Strathclyde, UK, Masters Diploma in Software Engg. from Aptech computers, Master of Science in Mathematics, University of Bombay. With all his management capabilities, he believed in himself and started his own company ‘Print Outs’ in Dubai.
Talking about his career and how he got into printing, Neil Dias, managing director of Print Outs, said, “Have had the good fortune of working with multiple industries. Starting from a teacher, to property development, to financial advisory in stock and forex markets, to electronics, and finally to print. Each of the prior assignments being only for couple of years, but the exposure to the print industry was from the year 2000. Between having worked for the Japanese Electronics multinational JVC and waiting for another job visa to come through, due to shortage in time in visa transfer conditions, was suggested by a recruitment agency and got selected to join Kinko’s the US multinational in Digital printing.”
Speaking about Print Outs, company specialisation, and awards, he added, “The company was started in 2008 in partnership with Delta Printing Press and was purchased out in 2015 as a- family business. The slogan of the company is ‘Your Convenience Prized!’ and we mean it. The team goes all out to make sure that the customer convenience and satisfaction is paramount in every transaction and experience. Our absolute specialization is customization. We have the required caliber to not only design and print in extremely good resolutions, but also have staff members that do finishing which stands out. As a team, we brain storm and come up with exclusive ideas of mechanism for presentations and submissions that the clients find innovative and have very often expressed gratitude. Our company has been blessed to win 7 awards from DCCI through DIPA in various categories of concept design, print quality and finish respectively.”

● The company was started with 4 employees

● The company recently started a new branch in Business Bay which is the sole co-branded company with Xerox in the UAE

● The company has won 7 awards from DCCI through DIPA

Talking about major changes in the printing industry, ME market, and challenges, he added, “Firstly, there are major/drastic improvements to the digital print area and secondly, to packaging (actually promotional re-packaging). The print industry in UAE is still quite slow in picking up on trends in digital offerings. Till off late, massive investments were still being made only in commercial offset printing here. Knowledge needs to be imparted through various forms of marketing. A lot of work needs to be done in educating the customer of the latest capabilities in digital printing. Sadly the print industry in UAE is one of the most known for people who have abruptly abandoned large setups and hence lack of trust from financing sources. Secondly, marketing over here is expensive and has restrictions attached which make it even more difficult.”
He further added about the success, “The largest success of our company is the testimonials from our valued clientele. We absolutely adore the support, trust and patronization from so many, which have regularly vouched that ‘Print Outs is a notch above the others’. Success for me is when someone acknowledges that the effort and pain taken in making sure of a desired outcome has superseded their initial expectations to begin with. It brings in that sense of happiness and pride that you have earned your value. And that every experience shared with the client was fully worth it; a win – win situation for all stakeholders in the transaction.”
Talking about a memorable moment, he added, “The joy and happiness to see the sole co-branded company with Xerox in the UAE to be inaugurated by my mother and the GM of Xerox, Chris Govier.”
Speaking about company’s plans and market trends, he added, “Ideally, we believe in slow and steady growth, so, as long as the support from our prestigious clientele stays, we should expand to more convenient locations in other emirates too. Print Outs was selective with the type of customers it gave credit to and hence we have been fortunate not to have lost any large amounts.
The additional capabilities of Print Outs over most digital printers is that of Gold and Silver Pantone printing as well as clear ink for spot UV type of gloss look on prints. The scope for digital printers is unlimited. With the possibilities now ever expanding in finishing on digital prints, short run – personalized packaging would be the forthcoming trend. Our finishing equipment allows intricate foiling and digital die-cutting which caters for sampling and exclusive short run packaging jobs for printing presses and advertising agencies.”
He added, “Multitude of commercial presses have invested in digital setups – though these have been in-house and at one corner of their large units. Regrettably they are not being vouched & marketed as digital print runs, in fact just readdressing their short run capacity to reduce setup costs. I’m not here to preach & advise anyone what to do and how to do things, but sincerely request consideration to price & value digital prints as digital prints.”