Pooja Khullar is the sales manager at Kwality Printing and Stationery and works in Dubai


How did you get into printing?

I found printing very interesting as my grand father had a printing press in (Punjab) India and I got an opportunity to join Kwality Printing & Stationery Dubai.

What do you like most about your job?

It is a challenging job with the different requirements.

What is the worst thing about your job?

Every customer gives order today & required delivery yesterday.


What would be your dream job?

To be a successful business woman some day.


What do you like about living in this part of the world?

Comfortable life and developing country I don’t miss my home town while living in this region.


What is your favourite phrase?

When there is a will there is a way.


What makes you laugh?

Watching comedy movie makes me laugh a lot .


If you could print anything what, would it be?

I want to print the best job which can be awarded.


If you could change anything in the world, it would be..

I would like to change the environment and would surely go for green.


Which is your favourite movie?

Lamhe is my favourite movie among all I watched till date.


What genre of music do you like?

Hindi old songs are my favourite choice for music.


What is your greatest fear?

Loosing my hair is my greatest fear.


Where would you like to go if you could travel anywhere you want?

I will love to travel to Switzerland in that case.


If you could invite anyone to a party, who would they be?

I would like to invite all my best buddy to it.


Life is.....?

Parents & good health