Neil Stacey, a Golf lover, is the Head of Printing and Packaging Division at Technochem Services Est.

- How did you get into printing?
I was offered a role for a major UAE Print/Packaging company, whilst I was still in the UK.

- What do you like most about your job?
The variety of the work and the people you get to meet.

- What is the worst thing about your job?
Having to go out in near 50 degree heat in the summer!

- What would be your dream job?
Touring golf professional.

- What was the best deal you pulled off?
Unfair to answer this as it may compromise the client’s confidentiality.

- What do you like about living in this part of the world?
-The weather (apart from July/ August) and diversity of cultures we live our lives with.

- What is your favourite phrase?
You only reap what you sow.

- What makes you laugh?
My daughter’s impressions of different people.

- If you could invite anyone to a party, it would be...?
All my family and friends and Arnold Palmer!

- If you could change anything in the world, it would be..
No-one would ever be without water and food.

- Which superpower would you like to have?
The ability to see into the future.

- Which is your favourite movie?
One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest (Jack Nicholson).

- What genre of music do you like?
My musical tastes have developed over time, so I like some of all genre’s.

- What is your greatest luxury?
Having a loving, caring family.

- What is your greatest fear?
I fear of Heights.

- Where would you like to go if you could time travel?
Back to the Wild West…yee haa!

- Which was your most embarrassing moment?
Stepping out of a taxi straight into a monsoon ditch in Africa (painful too!).

- Whom do you admire in print?
Everybody that is committed to improve the quality of the product the customer receives, whether it is through effort and dedication or technology.

- How would you like to be remembered?
For treating everyone I met with respect and being the best father I could be.

- Life is.....?
For living!