Several new executive members have been elected to the board of the Printing and Publishing Group (PPG).

Its general secretary Sebastian Lonth said that the new members are an “asset” to the committee.

The board now comprises Modern Printing Press’s managing director, Ahmad Al Shaikh as chairperson and Colourlines CEO Tarek Jawharji as vice chairman  while executive committee members include Emirates Printing Press CEO Mohamed Al Shirawi, Heidelberg sales and marketing manager Mazen El Tibi, Printec managing director Mazen Haj, Express Print Publishers CEO Rakesh Puri, Masar Printing and Publishing general manager Faisal Bin Haider, Xerox Emirates general manager Bilal Hamadeh, Motivate Publishing general manager Sasidharan and Mood Group managing director Marcus Doo.

Lonth said that the members would be responsible for six specific task groups. These are the Dubai Print Award task group, the seminar task group, the news letter and elite membership task group, the digital print task group, the suppliers task group and the publishing task group. Elections are held every two years.

Newly-appointed PPG member, Doo said: “I feel privileged to have been appointed to the PPG and feel honoured to serve on a committee that comprises some of the most respected and experienced names in our industry.”

Meanwhile Haj, who has been elected for a third term, also said he was “honoured” to be entrusted with the responsibility. He said he believed that the PPG had “boosted the sector”, particularly with the annual Dubai Print Awards.