The recent Managing the Challenge event hosted by HP’s Imaging and Printing Group in Vienna has been a success.

PrintWeek MEA – who attended the event – observed customer testimonials, executive briefings, product demonstrations and vertical solutions illustrating HP’s Print 2.0 strategy and how it can be applied to enterprises at this time in the market.

The event, which hosted around 150 IPG enterprise customers as well as journalists from across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa (MEMA) focused on companies’s experiences managing themselves during the current economic climate.

Several IPG industry heavyweights overseeing the MEMA region attended the event, including senior vice president and general manager of the Imaging and Printing Group, Bill DeLacy.

DeLacy, who opened the event, said: “We have integrated 30 companies in the last 42 months while strengthening the product portfolio. HP has invested one billion in research and development for the second quarter and because of this we remain a committed and stable player.”

Of the several products promoted by HP at the event, the company’s Monitoring and Management Solutions were on top of the agenda with IPG’s pre-sales and solutions manager of the MEMA region, Reinhard Kuebler presenting these along with several other vertical solutions available on the market.

HP’s Monitoring and Management Solutions include the HP Web Jetadmin, a tool allowing businesses to install monitor, maintain and troubleshoot imaging and printing infrastructure as well as HP’s Web Jetadmin consulting services, featuring basic tool implementation and help-desk training. More advanced enterprise IT infrastructure integration, and the HP Embedded Web Server which allows the organisation utilising it to remotely install and configure individual devices, set alerts and gather basic page-count information, are also included.

The event also featured case studies, including one by The Kuwait Ministry of Communications.

According to under secretary of the organisation, Abdul Aziz Al Osaimi: “Since deploying the new HP print solution, the Ministry of Communications has realised outstanding results. “Productivity has risen by 30 percent and operating costs have dropped by 20 percent. We have also seen a marked improvement in the quality of our printed output.”