Al Omeira Printing has installed a Ryobi 754D.

This is according to the technical manager of the Abu Dhabi-based company, Priyadarshi Singh.

The company – which purchased and installed the machine at the start of July – heaped praise on the 754D, saying that it had “added to the company’s capacity considerably”.

The new machine features an inline coating and spot varnish unit with a UV dryer.

According to Singh, Al Omeira’s past experience with Ryobi products influenced the new purchase. Singh said: “Ryobi machines deliver high-quality along with high productivity. The make-ready time of the 754D is also much shorter when compared to the four-colour we used in the past. The in-line Aqueous coating unit is one of the machine’s added advantages as it allows coating to be more durable when compared to traditional varnish. Not to mention that it also withstands rubbing and scuffing.”

Singh added that even though the coating cost more than traditional varnish, it “could be added to both sides of paper and proved to be more environmentally-friendly in the long run.

“It is also not a fire hazard,” he added.

The company also purchased a Heidelberg SM52-5D at Drupa last year with installation having taken place at the press in July.