Print Central has installed a SM52-5LX, Suprasetter 105, TH 82, Polar 115 and Eurobind 1300.

This is according to the managing director of the Dubai-based IMPZ company, Tess Abraham.

“We chose all the latest 100x70 finishing units for the warehouse because we are very particular that we control the finishes in house. A flawlessly finished product reflects the quality and identity of any enterprise and we want to provide our clients with the best.”

Abraham added that she had visited Heidelberg’s head office in Germany to research and hand pick the machines.

“I have specialists who have extensive experience in world class branding and who are exposed to the latest practices of the industry.  They are Jinu Thomas George, manager of digital printing and Sagayaraj Prasanna, manager of commercial printing.”

As to being one of the few women in print in the UAE, Abraham said: “It’s challenging, but it was the same when I started working as an architect in Dubai 25 years ago. I believe, just as I was very well received then, I will be accepted."

Print Central has also ventured out of print, sponsoring winners of the UAE Championship for Formula One - Team Veludicrous – in a schools technology challenge. The team will take part in the World Championship Challenge in September.