Dubai Printing Press has installed a GMG colour server and ink optimiser.
This according to the printing press’s general manager, Zeid Akasheh.

Akasheh told PrintWeek MEA: “We’d been working with GMGColorProof and recently made the decision to go one step forward and purchase GMGColorServer and GMGInkOptimizer.”

Akasheh said that the purchase and installation took place two months ago.

“We did an initial test and got excellent results, especially with the grey balance and achieving a stable water and ink balance. We decided to just keep the software running after the test.”

Akasheh added that the software – which was bought from GMG’s local supplier, Percept General Trading – took only two days to install with the press’s pre-press team “really getting to grips with the software in just under a week”.
Akasheh said the response from clients had been great.

“We publish a number of jewellery and fashion magazines and almost all of them have come back to us saying that they have noticed the improved print quality. The images are definitely brighter. This is especially important for magazines featuring luxury items.”

Akasheh added that he hoped the new software would draw more business.
“The downturn has affected us although we’re still forging ahead. We are hoping that this new investment will draw more clients and that people will look for quality over price.”

As to whether the company will invest in more software or machinery in the coming months, Akasheh said it would not.

“We are holding back our purchasing budgets until year end, although we are hoping to install more bindery equipment next year.”

According to Akasheh, the recent slowdown has resulted in local printers panicking and dropping their prices without thinking things through.

“The rapid price dropping is really affecting everyone. I would advise that everyone stay calm and be realistic about what they should be charging their clients to keep their press open and running. It’s unrealistic to be charging ridiculously low prices just to keep presses running, not to mention that it does no favours for the rest of us who are keeping prices where they should be,” he added.

“However, those clients that have left us to use cheaper printers in the past have almost always come back to us in the end. Price might be what draws people in the short term, but it’s quality that keeps them coming”, Akasheh added.