Kodak has developed a number of products that it claims will allow professionals in commercial and data print, publishing and packaging to become more efficient, productive and generate more revenue.

One part of these developments was the revamp of the company’s NexPress digital press line-up with new features it said delivers colour output “that surpasses offset quality”.

The group unveiled the new NexPress SE2500, SE3000 and SE3600 models, as part of the preview for the upcoming Print 09 exhibition in Chicago in September, which will operate under the theme ‘it’s Time For You and Kodak’. 

The top-of-the-range NexPress SE3600 machine will be available at the end of next month.Enhancements include a new intelligent calibration system that takes less than five minutes.

It is said to deliver at least $10,000-$15,000 in extra margin, or 10-15% in labour savings or extra capacity, according to Greg Gresock, director, Future Product Marketing, Electro-photographic Printing Solutions, Kodak Graphic Communications Group.

The SE models also use a new ground toner, or dry ink, for improved print smoothness and consistency, with less cracking. Fresh packaging delivers more ink per container while cutting down on physical packaging.

The company – which recently announced that its much-vaunted Stream inkjet technology would come to market under the brand name of Kodak Prosper – has already developed the first product in the Prosper family, the Kodak Prosper S10 Imprinting system.

Other new products include the Automatic Pallet Loader (APL) for the Kodak Magnus 800 Platesetter family as well as the Kodak Versamark 700 print manager.