Ink manufacturer Torda Inks has moved to a 20,000sqm factory space in Dubai, UAE.

The ink manufacturer will be manufacturing and distributing flexo, gravure inks and paste inks from the site.

Talking to PrintWeek MEA, CEO of Torda Inks, Fredrik Danielsen said: “We’ve seen the economy growing in the Middle East but up until now we’ve had capacity constraints and could not focus on the region as much as we would have liked to. But now we are able to.”

According to Danielsen, Torda Inks has already grown by half since February with “the supply chain starting to run smoothly.”

The Dubai-based office has a staff employ of 12 people which Danielsen said is “small, but manages very well.”

As to his thoughts on the state of the Middle Eastern ink sector and its economy, Danielsen said: “When we look at our own numbers, things seems great, but when one compares figures and trends to the European market, one can see ME is still bit compressed and tends to display signs of the W effect.”

He added: “In Europe one talks about conceptual sales. The turnover of people is lower while multi-level relationships are up. I’d like to put together a manual for key customers giving tips on how to transform business operations.”

As to projected sales for the region, Danielsen concluded: ”We are expecting to sell around 1,500 metric tonnes of packaging inks by year end.”