Dubai-based Otra-Conrad Jacobson has begun supplying paper to the newspaper, Times of Oman. 

According to Otra’s sales and marketing director, Khalid Pasha: “The main countries of interest and in which we are authorised to promote various paper, board and pulp grades to are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen.”

Otra’s Dubai-branch was established “earlier this year.” The local branch’s parent company is based in Germany.

Talking about the company’s products, Pasha said: “Our major items of expertise are publishing grades including standard and improved newsprint paper, SC mechanical, LWC, MWC and coated web-fed offset bleached and unbleached Kraft Paper for the manufacturing of corrugated boxes, paper bags, envelopes, shopping bags and cement bags”.

Pasha added: “The company also supplies packaging grades including 01 side coated duplex board (grey back), folding box board, SBS board, barrier board and grey board. It also supplies one side coated label paper (with or without wet-strength) and adhesive paper as well as coated paper in reels.”

Pasha said that the company anticipated “to reach sales figures of up 20,000 metric tonnes in our first year of business”. He added: “Our publishing grades have been well appreciated by clients. I think this  is due to the fact that we deal with world renowned paper mills. We have over 15 years of expertise in the Gulf’s paper and board industry. We think that we are seen as being one of the most reliable paper traders. We are recognised around the globe for the quality of our products and satisfactory pre and post services.”