Heliozid Océ recenly celebrated their 30th anniversary between Netherlands based Océ and their middle east partner Heliozid.

Commenting on the success of the joint venture and the potential to increase its role in the Middle East, Johannes Verschaeren, head of document printing business, Océ Technology, said: “Middle East, despite a global recession has not been affected as badly as other global markets, primarily because the region is still on an emerging mode with demand for printing and document management solutions on the rise as both private and public sectors continue to expand their businesses.”

“The fall out of the economic slowdown on the regional economies, particularly in the GCC, has been sporadic. Many of the sectors, specifically those on the knowledge economy front, continue to present tremendous growth potential. Our assessment is that after a conservative phase this year, some of the key markets have started spending on infrastructure projects led by government authorities and this will help sustain growth,” Verschaeren said.

Elaborating on the regional market, general manager at Heliozid Océ, Phillippe Husni, said: “Despite the current realities, we expect to fulfil our year-end targets because of growth in some of the key markets we are present. In Lebanon, we have grown by 50 per cent in the last two quarters.”