Cupola Plastic Cards has received the ACE-M accreditation from the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA), a trade association of plastic card manufacturers.

The ICMA's ACE- M accreditation is for card manufacturing professionals who have demonstrated an understanding of technologies and processes in specific card manufacturing areas.

Arun P.K manager, card personalisation services, Cuppola said, " In times of increased competition, it is always better for an organisation to develop key differentiators in the market place. The ICMA ACE-M certification helps toward achieving this objective. Today, we are the only card-manufacturing organisation in this region that has an ICMA accredited individual on its work force and this is recognised by our suppliers and customers.

"During their vendor audits, when customers select suppliers, our ICMA accreditation has become an external mark of quality and helps us stay ahead of the pack."

The company manufactures IC chip cards, RFID cards, magnetic stripe cards and non-magnetic and telephone recharge cards.

Talking about the road ahead, Arun says, "My immediate objective would be to fill in the gaps in my knowledge base and test the same against the ICMA baselines. We would like to gain acceditation for ICMA's ACE-A for advanced card technology, including IC chips, RFID and unique materials and ACE-P designation which covers personalisation topics and elements which would help me position myself as a complete card industry professional."