The Sharjah based POP printer Al Mithaliyah has decided to invest in its third Durst inkjet press. The Durst Rho 800 HS has been selected for its high speed which claims to increase production by 80%.

Talking to PrintWeek MEA, general manager, Imad El Hayek said: "For heavy duty applications, Durst is the best in our opinion, since we are already using two other Durst machines. We were keen to invest in the press for our flatbed applications."

Rho 800 HS is a continuous industrial inkjet printer, which uses Quadro Array technology and produces continuous, uninterrupted printing on boards.

The UV printer has twice number of nozzles per colour i.e., 2048 nozzles per colour. It has a mechanical front stop mechanism allowing parallel printing of boards. The UV inks used are pigment based for interior and exterior applications.

Al Mithaliyah has traded-in older Durst machines with lower resolution.

Sales manager at Al Mithaliyah, Jayaram Kavalloor said: "We have large quantities of print runs of POP production. We are operating between 2 and 3 shifts per day."

He also said that the company would increase the finishing line and employ more people in future.

Talking about the market trends, Kavalloor said that there are many last minute jobs and clients do not plan their POP material requirements in advance.

"We don't want to loose any jobs because of delays in production. We need to retain and satisfy existing clients," added Kavalloor.

El Hayek added that return on investments for the new printer will now be 3 to 4 years because of reduced margins and increased competition.