Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of News Corp, opened the inaugural Abu Dhabi Media Summit on 9th March. In his speech he said: "The bright and shiny wonders that technology gives us can be like the desert sun: they can blind us to what is real and valuable. Amid the digital dazzle, we risk missing the magic, the creative content that brings these devices to life.

"What is a Kindle or an e-reader worth without books or newspapers or magazines to read on them? The answer is this: without creative content, these electronic devices are merely expensive playthings."

Murdoch also announced News Corp would set up its Middle East online advertising operations in Abu Dhabi, and moves a number of Hong Kong-based satellite TV channels to the United Arab Emirates.

The Abu Dhabi Media Summit was an invitation-only event, held between 9-11 March at Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The 3-day summit focussed on emerging media in Middle East, Africa and Asia with high-profile public sessions, closed-door discussions and panel sessions, bringing together top-tier global media players and their emerging-market counterparts from traditional television, print, entertainment, news, music, advertising & marketing and venture capitalists among others.

The participants at the summit included Dirk Meyer, president & CEO, AMD,Dr. Prannoy Roy, executive chairman, NDTV, Tim Armstrong, chairman & CEO, AOL, James Murdoch, CEO, Europe & Asia, News Corp, among many others.

Meyer said, "The summit represents an unprecedented gathering of global media and technology leaders enabling the next wave of innovation that is poised to drive global media."