Printing and publishing group of Dubai Chamber ofCommerce and Industry has recently conducted a general assembly meeting in Dubai.

The meeting was headed by Ahmed Al Shaikh, chairman of the Printing and Publishing group and Saeed Al Najjar representative of Dubai Chamber participated.

Ahmad Al Shaikh presented the financial report of the group. The opening balance as of January 2009 was AED 477, 321.94 ($129,971) and closing balance as of December 2009 was AED 374, 328.69 ($ 101,927).

Another topic discussed was resignation of Tarek Jawharji as the vice chairman for PPG. The chairman named Sebastian Lonth tobecome the vice chairman for the Printing and Publishing Group. Ahmad Al Shaikh also announced an event to be held by PPG on 'Special Application Seminar'.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry had also organised an event on 19th of April on 'Talk Business at Breakfast'. The aim of the event was to provide platform for the mutual dialogue between the Government and the private sector to exchange ideas, suggestions and key issues related to the development of business community in Dubai.

PPG issued certificates to all winners of Dubai International Print Awards 2009.

In the Q&A sessions, some printers asked about the long delay in delivering the goods across the borders and problems faced subsequently with the clients. PPG Chairman said that all of the companies in the printing industry have been encountering this problem and it is a federal issue that cannot be solved only on onesector of the business industry.