Dubai-based label printer Print Pack Labels Industry has added a Labeltech IT350 slitter rewinder inspection machine to its production portfolio. Sold by Ali Alhashemi Trading, Labeltech’s UAE representative, the machine is equipped with 2-in-1 slitter system, stroboscope lamp and Labeltech Furu inspection system.

The investment is intended to support the printer’s continuing growth, and enhance        its productivity in response of its customers’ increasing demands.

‘Labeltech and Ali Al- hashemi have done a commendable job, and we are thankful for all the hard work, technical support and timely assistance they have put into the slitting machine installation project,’ read a statement for the management of Print Pack Labels Industry.

Sujit Gaikwad from Ali Alhashemi said: ‘We are thankful to Labeltech for its trustworthy collaboration with Ali Alhashemi. The solution which Labeltech offers will help the local label printers to achieve their goals and work with brands.’