Consumer demand for counterfeit products, including cartridges, is still “fuelling supply” in the UAE.
The National reported that demand in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for fake goods is “still fuelling supply, despite warnings” and a host of raids. Dubai Customs seized Dh17 million ($4.6 million/€4 million) of fake electronics, clothing, fabrics and cosmetics in 2015, and the demand “is not shrinking despite warnings over their safety and links to organised crime and terrorism”. Ashish Panjabi, COO of electronics outlet Jacky’s, stated that “there had been a change in the type of fake electrical goods people bought”, which are “typically things like printer toners or cartridges and IT or smartphone accessories”, though “once, we would’ve seen fake televisions, small domestic appliances and mobile phones, especially in the pre-smartphone era, but this is largely non-existent”.