Canon has given details of its new UVgel print technology, which it says will transform wide-format roll-to-roll printing, as it prepares the market for a new family of devices set to be unveiled next year. Canon has released details of a new UV curable ink that gels immediately on contact with media, which will be at the core of a new range of wide-format roll-to-roll printers to be released from 2017. The 1st will be a high-productivity 64” model, most likely the smallest in the range.
“We felt there was a gap in the market that isn’t addressed by existing printers,” said Pierre-Olivier Esteban, European TDS/DGS marketing director at Canon Europe.
“We see the 64” low-volume printers price ranges between Euros 20,000 and Euros 30,000 based on eco-solvent latex technologies and then above that in terms of price and productivity there is nothing until you get up to more high productivity latex and UV systems, usually wider than 64” with a much higher price tag,” he further explained about the product. “We see some printers buying multiple machines because they can’t afford to buy the higher-end products, which are often too big as well. We want to offer something that is more affordable but also much more productive than what exists.”