Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is using 3D printing to upgrade select systems across Dubai Metro stations.
Parts for subsystems of ticket vending machines (TVMs), ticket gates, and other areas of metro trains are being 3D printed.
Remarking on the development, AbdulMohsin Ibrahim Younes, CEO of RTA’s rail agency, said future scope for 3D printing within RTA’s operations includes “developments that are required to manage obsolescence, which is a huge burden of any railway worldwide”.
He added: “This technology would enable the RTA to keep Dubai Metro assets in service longer while reducing the cost of parts, and in turn pass this saving back to the customer.
“An example of this is that when small parts are needed, normal practice dictates a local manufacturer would need to produce hundreds to justify his cost. Using 3D technology stops this waste, so the team at the Rashidiya Depot can now produce items made in hundreds singularly, [which] lower costs as the team can produce items when required and on demand while reducing carbon emissions,” Younes added.