Sona Papers and Gruppo Cordenons hosted a gala which will diversify the Industry. There has always been a conversation about how the paper industry can better reflect the changing creative landscape through improved internal practices. It was a gathering of all the people from the UAE market who are a part of commercial print and packaging industry. The audience included high profile personnel from corporate companies, advertising agencies, and printing presses from the UAE market.
Talking about the event, spokesperson from Sona commented, “Leatherlike and Blackgold are the new textured designs that were announced in the grand event held at the Intercontinental Festival City. The two creative innovations done by Gruppo Cordenons and Sona Papers reflect how much weight we put on ideas and implementation. Leatherlike is a paper that resembles real leather. It is inspired by the fashion sector and dedicated to luxury printing and packaging. On the surface the leatherlike designs are highly visible, giving both a distinctive style and a unique tactile experience. BlackGold is a deep black paper distinguished by its high smoothness. It is produced using woodfree primary pulp obtained from responsible sources.