Distributors of speciality papers - coated, uncoated, art, luxury, FSC and recycled papers  Papers Worldwide is making a decisive shift towards digital. The Dubai  based distributors will be introducing and supplying pre-coated, cutpack sized digital papers  by August this year.  They plan to stock and sell in varied sizes as required by customers.  
Speaking to PrintWeek MEA, Vikramjeet Singh Judge, managing director- Papers Worldwide: “We can see a decisive shift towards digital  due to runs becoming shorter.  While earlier, say 6-7 years ago, we serviced 10 orders a day, last year that has moved to 25-30 orders a day and this year, we are seeing 45-50 short run orders a day.  And another good thing surfacing because of short runs is that customers now demand better quality. Suppliers of print need to recognise this trend and mould their businesses accordingly.  On the subject of packaging, my opinion is that packaging is overrated, since it is a low margin business.  Having said that, we foresee growth opportunities in luxury packaging. With Neenah buying FiberMark - by default all their products that have come to us - have been well received by our customers, and we have been able to meet targets very easily.”