Fespa has launched its second global Print Census.  The Fespa Print Census 2014/2015 collected more than 1,200 completed surveys from respondents including screen and digital printers (34%), commercial, quick printers and reprographic shops (15%), signmakers (13%), industrial manufacturers (8%), graphic designers (7%) and advertising agencies (5%).
The second edition of the research will delve further into the six overarching trends to emerge from the analysis of the 2014/2015 census. These were: optimism, customer demands, changing product mix, digital technology as change enabler, textile print growth, and the future of sign and display. Additional questions on the topic of sustainability will also be incorporated.
Fespa will use the research to update its insight into key market trends, support its understanding of the challenges and opportunities that the printers are facing that will help to shape its own product offering for the future.